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Modular log cabin homes are prefab log homes that are built to code and manufactured in a remote facility and then delivered to their intended site of use.

These prefab log homes that are built in a given manufacturing facility may have different construction standards depending on your log cabin modular homes final destination.

Modular log homes that are built on the Southeast coast should have additional bracing built-in to meet local hurricane codes.

Log cabin modular homes are in big demand for vacation property rentals because today's modular homes are quality homes that are built in less time.

These log homes are built and guaranteed to satisfy every home owner and to create memories that they'll cherish forever.

Log modular homes usually lack the shallow sloping roof lines typical of log cabin mobile homes as the roof can be transported separately, from the other components.

However, most modular log homes come pre-roofed with hinges which allow the roof to be “folded up” and have knee-walls swing into place to support the log homes higher pitched roof.

The log cabin modular homes exterior finish is usually decided upon only after the size, number of rooms and traffic patterns have been established, so go ahead and live your dream, see how easy modular log cabins are to finance.

Modern Mountain Homes is a modular log home dealer and contracting firm located in Avery County, NC. In the beautiful mountains of Western NC, they actively serve North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, and most of the East Coast.

They specialize in modular log homes, conventional modular homes, highly custom system-built homes, and site-constructed homes.

To get a list or price on modular log cabins or see modular log home photos visit modern mountain or zook cabins .

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