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A log home magazine or book is a great choice for providing you with color photos, floor plans, designs and decorating ideas.

This particular book provides 125 log home color photos and 30 floor plans.

Thirty fabulous log home floor plans, the favorites of builders and designers, selected from across the United States. More than just renderings, each floor plan is illustrated with beautiful color photographs of the landscaped exterior and fully styled interior.

Weaving pictures and plans together are valuable information, advice, and planning tips from the people who design and build log homes.

Ranging in size and accommodations, they include:

*Cabins, Bungalows & Small Abodes.

*Family homes, Cottages & Moderate Residences.

*Havens, Retreats & Grand Estates.

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This book Knotches of all kinds shows a complete selection of notches for corner joinery, roof beams and trusses and lateral grooves (for seating a stacked log firmly along the length of another wall log; and timber framing techniques).

Clear instructions and profuse illustrations and drawings make this a completely detailed manual for the log builder.

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