Log Home Lighting
"Warm And Inviting Choices"

Log home lighting is the ultimate way of expressing yourself.

When choosing light fixtures for your log home, certain lighting fixtures can make the small rooms in your log home appear even smaller and the large rooms in your log home even larger.

Certain light fixtures in a log home can either make or take away the cozy, warm and inviting feel of a room.

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What you need to remember is the wood in the walls and ceilings absorb alot of your brightness and it requires more lighting to illuminate a log home or log cabin compared to other homes finished with drywall.

If you're on a budget, plan on wiring your log home for a variety of home lighting fixtures. Certain types of light fixtures will make a difference when it comes to room sizes and the color of your cabinets and flooring.

There are three basic types of fixtures - general, task and accent. Your log home should include all three.

General - Takes the place of the sun, letting you see and move around safely. Ceiling lights in a bedroom is a good example of general light fixtures.

Task - Helps you perform specific task. Wildlife or rustic lamps are considered to be a nice task, yet log home lighting fixture.

Accent - Adds drama to a log home by directing your eyes towards a specific area, accent lighting is beautiful on each side of a fireplace.

Log home owners often prefer using these 3 types of fixtures 90% of the time anyhow.

*Chandeliers - Chandeliers are the most popular lighting fixtures for log homes owners, be it a wildlife chandelier or a modern chandelier, it's your home and your personal preference.

*Pendant - Small fixtures hanging from ceiling, can be very charming over kitchen islands. Mini pendant lighting fixtures are simply gorgeous!

*Accent - Wall fixtures, rustic lamps, antler lamps, track and recessed.

Some of the most popular rustic log home lighting fixtures include:

Moose lighting fixtures, Bear light fixtures, Elk lighting fixtures and Antler Lighting Fixtures.

Home lighting fixtures include chandeliers, wall sconces, bathroom lighting, kitchen lighting, entry ways lighting, pendant lighting, ceiling lights, rustic lamps and many more.

Dimmer switches are also available which help to control the level of light in the home. Home lighting fixtures, with a blend of quality, decorative and durability, are the perfect light fixtures for a log home.

Log home lighting fixtures offer many options these days. With so many styles available it's easy to choose log home lighting fixtures that fit your log home style as well as your budget.

A safe option for log home owners who are away from home alot is motion activated lighting systems with motion sensors that light up when someone approaches.

Another option open to home owners is dusk to dawn lighting fixtures with photocells that turn on at sunset and off at sunrise automatically.

The right log home lighting fixture create a mood with different combinations of designs that are possible. The correct choice of home lighting fixtures express personal style and makes the home look and feel special.

Good home lighting fixtures do not have to cost a fortune. Home lighting can be sleek and stylish using compact fluorescent and halogen lights, incandescent light bulbs and so on. Home lighting is supposed to create a warm, inviting glow in the log home entryway.

If the lighting is well placed and thoughtfully chosen for the log home living room, fewer fixtures will be required.

Log home vanity lighting placed on either side of a mirror in a bathroom is a good idea.

In a bedroom used by children, a good overhead fixture providing light for the whole room is advisable.

When selecting home lighting fixtures, people tend to prefer certain styles that complement the interior of their log home inside and out.

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