Log Home Interior Designs
"Decorating From The Inside Out"

When making choices for your log home interior and the overall log home interior design, keep in mind the shape and color of the logs.

Before selecting your logs, remember that the logs you choose is the most important decision in your interior design.

The wood used for your home interior can reflect mood changes.

If your interior is too dark it will represent itself as gloomy, if it's too light, it will then represent itself as not enough warmth and coziness.

The interior logs of the home is the most visual and dynamic part of your interior design because everything else you do from here on out revolves around the log interior you've chosen.

The amount of wood you choose to put on your interior walls in your log home design is totally up to you. I personally prefer all my walls to be logged.

But some of today's log homeowners use drywall on parts of their home interior as seen in some of our log home interior pictures, a good example is our log home bedroom pictures or master bedroom designs.

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Log Cabin Interior Designs

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Here are some ideas to consider when planning your log home interior design and also decorating your log home interior.

First you need to understand the log home designs basic concepts , this also will open in a new window.

* Diameter Of The Logs

The diameter of your logs will visually impact your entire home.

Using smaller logs for the interior can be considered subtle . If your home design includes larger logs, they can make a huge statement throughout the entire home.

Larger logs often require building a larger home, bigger rooms with higher ceilings which means more log home furnishings, so keep your decorating budget in mind when considering your log diameters for the design.

* Interior Lighting:

Your log home will feel dark and oppressive if you use dark wood and don't have enough natural light coming through your windows. If your budget can afford it, try adding skylights.

Plenty of windows can give a log home bunches of natural light, which makes the rooms seem larger and enlightening. Take the size, location, shape, and style of the windows into factor.

The placement of the windows are also an important factor because a window on the east side of your home will allow plenty of morning light, and a window on the west side brings in late afternoon sun.

Your skylights will allow natural lighting year round, which also helps somewhat with heating the home.

* Create Focal Points

Allow your log home interior designs to include a focal point, ( a certain area in the home that attracts everyone's eye ).

Fireplaces make great focal point as does a beautiful chandelier or painted glass windows.

If you own a large log home, you may want a focal point in every room. If your rooms are large, create a small cozy section within the room so your guest will want to go there to sit and relax.

This can be done simply by using a large area rug to visually divide the room.

*Flooring Choices

A good point to remember when choosing flooring for smaller rooms that match your log home design is to pick a color that is lighter than your walls, this makes your smaller rooms appear larger.

If your interior design includes numerous windows which allows plenty of natural lighting than stone or wood flooring can add that finishing touch.

* Finishing Walls

Depending on the materials you've chosen for your log home interior walls or your log home theme , depends on what finishing product you'll need to use, such as paint for drywall and stain and sealers for log walls.

Materials used in log home designs may also be combined using logs and stucco to create the southwestern theme .

Log home interior decorating has many different ways in which all log home designs work well, ranging from informal handmade country style to a modern looking interior.

If your log home design is a success, each room will function well and you'll enjoy spending family time in each of these rooms.

Rather you're just beginning to have some log home design ideas or well advanced, learn as much as you can about the process of creating your own log home space that is comfortable, cozy, stylish and inviting.

When in doubt, use log home design software to see all the different possibilities.

We've also included log cabin interior decorating ideas for those of you who need interior decorating ideas for smaller log homes.

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