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Other than the kitchen, your log home bathroom is the most used room in the house. But unlike the kitchen, a well-designed, decorated, and accessorized bathroom is more than just a place for personal hygiene.

With creative bathroom designs and bathroom ideas you can turn your bathroom into your own personal spa-like retreat where you can escape from the world, relax and rejuvenate.

log home bathroom,bathroom,bathroom ideas There are two main considerations for log home bathroom remodeling.

First, if you're in an older log home, remodeling bathroom ideas are more challenging because older homes typically have much smaller bathrooms then log homes built over the last 20 years.

Still, remodeling a bathroom can be rewarding because small subtle changes can have a much larger visual impact.

The second consideration is the amount of money your budget will allow.

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log home bathroom,bathroom,bathroom ideas

Bathroom remodeling can be an exciting and fun experience, particularly if your log home bathroom is severely outdated.

Today many bathroom designs include jacuzzi tubs or whirlpool baths, along with separate showers.

In addition there are a multitude of toilet, vanity, countertop and beautiful sinks to choose from.

If planned properly a bathroom remodeling project can be accomplished on a small budget and still look like you’ve completely transformed the bathroom.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your log home. It's usually where you start and end your day.

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A bathroom remodeling project however can be a messy and annoying home improvement project.

Frequently bathrooms are right off bedrooms or in the log home master bedroom.

Consequently they can cause significant disruptions and cleanliness issues with your log home.

And the length of the disruption can take as long as a month or more, even when well planned out.

Allow plenty of time and have a back up plan for taking showers and baths.

Thus the return on investment bathroom remodeling is fairly high, it makes a great deal of sense to spend some money and remodel a bathroom, even if you do not plan on living in the log home yourself.

log home bathroom,bathroom,bathroom ideas Log homeowners are now more frequently using tile in bathrooms, on the floors, walls and whirlpool tubs. Tile adds a look of elegance.

It is also important to consider any structural changes to the existing bathroom area.

In particular, if a Jacuzzi or Whirlpool tub is to be installed, a deck area will probably need to be framed in.

If overhead lighting is desired then soffits may need to be framed in and additional wiring for vanity lighting

Your initial sketches of your bathroom remodeling ideas should include the basic layout and dimensions of the bathroom with the toilet, shower or tub and vanity locations.

You may want to view more log cabin bathroom pictures for a few extra decorating ideas.

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