Log Cabin Windows
Perfect Cabin Windows Inside And Out"

Before going through the process of building or remodeling your log cabin, you'll want to know your options and styles of log home windows.

After installing your cabin windows and installing your trim, you'll want to furnish your new windows with the perfect cabin window treatment and decorative hardware.

Selecting the types of windows for your log cabin is a personal preference and is totally up to you, it's just best to have windows that fit nicely with the scale of your log cabins design.

You may want to refer to our window treatment FAQ for additional help.

Guide To Types Of Windows

Casement Windows -These windows are considered to be a contemporary window , they are an energy efficient window that allows alot of light with a larger view of the outdoors.

These casement windows have a single handle which locks and secures both upper and lower panels. These windows would be a great choice for your log home windows in the kitchen above the sink because the handles are easier to reach.

log cabin windows,cabin windows,log home windows Awning windows are similar in design to the casement window, but they are wider than they are tall. Awning window are mainly used to allow additional air to enter or exit a home.

Double Hung windows come in larger widths - They are a great choice if you want to save money and maximize the amount of wood on the interior of your log cabin.

A large double hung window can allow alot of light and air flow into your log cabin, this type of window takes place of two smaller casement windows.

Bay and Bow windows are both larger windows that reach out into the woods and capture a large view in a limited amount of space in a log cabin.

Bay windows is another option for log home or log cabin windows, they consist of three panels that are joined together. The center glass panel doesn't open but both side glass panels do.

Bow windows consist of several glass panels that are joined together to create that graceful curve we all love. This is an excellent choice for log home or log cabin windows,they are beautiful when installed in a log cabin kitchen.

Fixed windows cannot be opened, they are used for additional natural and outdoor lighting they are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes and colors.

Circlehead windows are my favorite for log cabin windows, they add a little touch of class that makes a big difference, circlehead windows make a beautiful accent window.

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