Log Cabin Quilt History
"Meaning Behing Colors And Design"

Log Cabin Quilt History...

Log Cabin quilts are considered to be an ideal example of early American quilt-work. The quilting history is as follows:

During early times the women didn't have much choice at coordinating colors for their cabin quilts. Back then the women had to use whatever material they had available when starting a new quilt pattern.

Each of the narrow strips used for the log cabin quilt designs were difficult to manage at times, they found it much easier to have a fabric foundation to attach their piecework upon.

The invention of the sewing machine changed the history of quilting forever.

Most people are unaware of the log cabin quilt pattern history that hides behind these beautiful log cabin quilts.

Log cabin quilts have been sewn in the United States since the 1860s.

Each square block is a piece of quilt history in itself. The block is a representation of an early log cabin home that was being built on the wide expanses of the prairie.

The log cabin quilt pattern history of meanings is :

The center block of the quilt is usually red or yellow, this represents the fire in the hearth.

The light strips on the log cabin pattern square represent the sun shining on the eastern side of the log cabin.

Likewise the dark strips on the log cabin pattern indicate the shady side of the log cabin.

Together these simple fabric strips are stitched in a precise manner to form a complete picture to those who understand what the color and materials represent.

Now you know the log cabin quilt pattern history of the exquisite log cabin quilt itself and why it came to be such a cherished part of quilting history and daily life back then.

The log cabin quilt still remains a popular quilt pattern today.

It represents: Home, Warmth, Love and Security.

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According to the experts the earliest example of an American Log Cabin quilt that still exists was originally created in 1869.

This quilt is signed and dated but there may have been many other log cabin quilts that were fashioned by hand prior to this date.

Indeed, the log cabin quilt designs are unique and should be displayed. throughout the home.

Some people even point to the wrappings on ancient Egyptian animal mummies as proof that the these log cabin blocks were even being used during those early centuries.

Today this intricate log cabin quilt design and all quilting history designs has a treasured place in American history as well.

No matter where and when this block design first originated we are very fortunate to still be able to enjoy the beauty of the log cabin quilt history and it's unique pattern designs.

However, today, we can find several log cabin quilt patterns and free log cabin quilt patterns.

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