Log Cabin Quilt Designs
"Family Heirloom and Traditions"

Log cabin quilt designs create a wonderful family heirloom.

With hundreds of log cabin quilt patterns designs available today it's easy to create a masterpiece from scraps of material that you have just laying around the home.

log cabin quilt designs,free log cabin quilt patterns Not all log cabin quilts start from the log cabin quilt block, but if you're a beginner, this just might be the place to start your design.

The Best part of log cabin quilting designs is that they don't need to be intricate and detailed to be effective.

A quilter might choose a pattern that simply echoes the pieced or applique design, outlines a particular log cabin design feature or creates a grid or series of parallel quilting lines.

Our free patterns include hundreds of quilt designs, some log cabin quilt designs and some not so log cabin, but anyhow....They're Free.

log cabin quilt designs, quilt designs

If you're a beginner entering into the wonderful world of patchwork and machine quilting, quilt patterns may use some of these terms:

Log Cabin Quilt Design Terms

In the Ditch is quilting very close to the low side of the seam line, to be almost invisible. The low side is the side without the seam allowance.

Outline quilting is stitching done inside each patch about ΒΌ" away from the seam line or stitching around a shape as in Echo quilting. Sometimes confused with stitching in the ditch, in outline quilting the stitching is suppose to be visible.

Motif quilting creates a design by following a pattern on the quilt top. There are various marking tools and numerous techniques for marking the pattern onto the quilt top.

Accent quilting is stitching that complements the featured design. Stippling the background around the design is a type of accent quilting, as are Echo quilting and Meandering.

Selective quilting is used to emphasize certain portions of a design.

Allover quilting ignores the seam lines and fills the entire quilt top with a design.

Trapunto is a "fattening up" of areas of a log cabin quilt design to create brilliant texture. Trapunto is most effective when the background quilting around the the "fattened up" area is densely quilted. It makes the plumped areas stand out more.

Quilt As You Go means that you quilt and piece all your blocks separately. The smaller pieces are quilted separately and then joined together to make a large quilt. It is easier to manage and quilt a smaller piece under the sewing machine instead of a huge quilt.

Free Motion Machine Quilting is a form of quilting done by the quilter without marking the quilt. You just sit down with the quilt under the machine and "doodle" away!

Fill quilting fills in and flattens the background space while emphasizing the primary design.

Types Of Quilting Fill

Echo - Stitching around the outline of a pattern repeatedly to create an effect similar to ripples in a pond.

Channel - straight, parallel lines of stitching.

Crosshatching - straight line quilting in a grid pattern. A straight grid forms squares, while a diagonal grid forms diamonds.

Meandering - random curved lines, squiggles and swirls done "freehand".

Stippling - is similar to meandering but the line never cross.

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log cabin quilt designs

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