Log Cabin Homes
"Log Cabin Style Homes"

Log Cabin Homes...Today, more home owners are choosing environment friendly home products for both the interior and exteriors of their home.

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Considering a log home is definitely being friendly to the environment, wood is all natural and less damaging than many other home materials, it's also self-renewing.

Deciding on which type of log cabin home for your residency is an important factor of log home living.

Understanding the difference between these log cabin style homes can help you compare prices, durability, value or depreciation of each log cabin style home.

What Are My Log Cabin Style Home Choices?

#1 - Build Your Log Cabin, Log Cabin Design Software

#2 - Log Cabin Kit Homes

#3 - Log Cabin Mobile Homes

#4 - Modular Log Cabin Homes , Modular Log Home FAQ

#5 - Manufactured Log Homes

A - If you decide to build a log cabin, using our software will help you to design your log cabin so you will have a blueprint to follow.

B - The cabin home kits are a pre-designed home which allows you to make changes to fit your needs.

C - A log cabin mobile home is a one piece mobile home which will be delivered to your destination. If you're considering this mobile option, you may want to go with the log cabin double wide homes.

D - Modular log cabins are a nice option to a real built log home. The homes are pre built at a remote facility and then delivered to your destination.

E - Manufactured log homes, was formerly referred to as mobile log cabin home, they now have many more style options than in the past.

Before purchasing one of the above homes, it's best to do your homework on your selected home style. Some homes depreciate faster than other types of homes, while other homes can be updated to add to the resale value.

Home mortgage rates are very low and now is the prime time to consider buying a mobile, manufactured or modular home.

You have several options for financing, this is an informative page that new home buyers should read, this article will give you a better understanding of financial terms, which in turn will help you decide on the type of loan that is best for you.

If you've decide to build your cabin home yourself or use a building contractor, we have six banking options to consider. You may want to compare a couple of these options to see where you can get the best construction loan.

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