Log Cabin Doors
" Making A Grand Entrance "

Your log cabin doors become a focal point to your log cabin entryway so it's always nice to choose a beautiful entry cabin door that can make a great first impression for you and your guest.

Even though log cabins look more appealing with solid log cabin exterior doors, some people choose log home exterior doors with side lights (glass).

Obviously, wooden doors require a little more maintenance because wood is subject to weathering.

If you live in a humid climate, the wood may swell and contract according to the climate, your cabin doors may stick when it's humid, you may have to allow and adjust for this after hanging your log cabin exterior doors.

It's safe to say that solid wood exterior doors are still the most popular choices for log cabin owners.

As you can see log home and log cabin exterior doors come in a number of different styles and designs. It's just a matter of finding the cabin door that suits your need.

Picking the perfect door is crucial to making the final result much more pleasant, if you are having trouble finding a door you like, you can create your own door by using an online door designer.

Keep in mind when ordering your log cabin exterior doors, you can ask that they cut out the hardware openings, in other words, for knobs and dead bolts.

When hanging your cabin doors you may want to take in consideration having them open “out” instead of in for added security.

When your doors open out they have the pins concealed and are harder to kick in and also adds more room inside your log cabin.

Some building codes also require that all exterior doors open out to make exiting the home more easier in case of a fire. Check with your local building inspector before hanging your cabin door.

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