How To Build A Cabin
"Building A Log Cabin"

How to build a cabin... how to build a small pioneer cabin by hand with the log cabin basics and building techniques.

The demand for building a log cabin seems to be on the rise. Whatever the reason may be for wanting to build your own cabin...who knows!

Some self build a log cabin by hand or purchase a log cabin building kit for their own residency as others build cabins for property rentals and vacation rentals.

For those of you wanting to know how to build a cabin, I feel you should take a look at the four basic concepts as they do apply to log home building and cabin building.

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How To Build A Foundation

After your foundation is complete, you'll have another video with the man showing how he built his own log cabin.

How To Build Log Cabin

How To Cut A Log Notch

Log home building and cabin building both require nice clean notches for several reasons, mainly stability.

This may seem time consuming but it's well worth the end results.

After building a log cabin, it'll need to be chinked. Depending on the type of logs used will depend on the chinking level of difficulty.

How To Chink A Log Cabin

Chinking The Log Cabin Exterior

This chinking technique is great if you have nice flat, hewn logs. Round, uneven ones are quite a bit harder to deal with.

His way is a simple way of saying ratios:

For instance:

A 1 gallon bucket filled with water mixed into 2 bucket fulls of sand would be a "1 part water to 2 parts sand" ratio. The 1 gallon bucket in this example is just used for this for instance.

It could be 30 lbs. of sand mixed into 90 lbs. of clay. That would be a 1 part sand to 3 parts clay ratio.

1/3 the "1" being 30 lbs. of sand and the "3" being 90 lbs. of clay.

So you would have 120 lbs total of that mix.

Notching The Ends For Doors, Windows And Wiring

Notching on the end of the log can be for a couple of reasons, including:

When you build your own log cabin you'll need to provide a track for door or window frames to be placed.

In this case, multiple logs that would be stacked atop one another would be notched.

Also, in some cases romex wiring can run along a notch before following a horizontal hole in the log, leading to an outlet box.

Sealing A Log Cabin

Now that you know how to build a cabin, your log cabin will need to be sealed to prevent wood rot, insect decay and to insure weather proofing.

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