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" Log Cabin Area Rugs"

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Wood floors are absolutely beautiful, adding cabin rugs atop those wooden floors add warmth to a log cabin in more ways than one.

Log cabin rugs not only help keep your feet warmer, area rugs also add a warm and welcoming feel to the overall cabin.

There's four main types of rugs used in a log cabin, rustic area rugs, lodge area rugs, wildlife rugs and southwestern area rugs, however, some may choose modern washable accent rugs for their cabin floors.

Washable area rugs is a good choice for a cabin floor, however, very cheap area rugs or inexpensive area rugs isn't necessarily the way to go.

One durable rug will outlast several washable cheap rugs.

Animal rugs still seem to be one of the top choices for log cabins, animal print area rugs and animal skin rugs such as zebra print rugs or bear and zebra hides, help bring in the outdoor wildlife to decorate your indoor cabin floors.

A good choice for a long lasting washable area rug is oval braided rugs, they're made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester. FYI, they have Amish braided rugs which seem to last an eternity, well worth the cost.

Log cabin area rugs are know to be multipurpose rugs, they're used as lodge area rugs, American cottage rugs and to furnish the wood floors in a hunting cabin and many country homes. These cabin rugs may also be considered rustic area rugs.

Log home area rugs are a personal preference, if you decided to decorate your cabin with a more modern theme than you may choose to go with contemporary floor rugs.

If your log cabin is furnished with a western theme, you'll want to continue to furnish your floors with western area rugs or southwestern style area rugs.

Persian rugs, Oriental Persian rugs, Antique Persian rugs and Chinese rugs are generally used to decorate and furnish a larger log home floor. Be willing to pay a pretty price for these log home rugs because there not very cheap area rugs, they can be quit expensive.

These decorative rugs can be used for bath rugs, kitchen rugs or just decorative accent rugs throughout the cabin.

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